Word crash

Found the following bug on Mac 10.5.6, Word 2008, Zotero 1.5 beta and Word plugin 2.02 plugin:

add bibliography hangs Word.

(adding citations, no problem).

With hopes for a fix soon, since I want to leave 1.0.
  • I have the exact same system profile and have not experienced this problem. Could you provide debug output or report errors?
  • How do you do that? I guess there's an error log somewhere on my system, but where?
  • edited March 17, 2009
    Can I send the error log (from the Apple system error window that pops up when Word is killed) to the developers at Zotero? (It is rather long, so posting it here is probably not a good idea.)

    Also clicked on report error in Zotero after this happened and got the report number 862347147.
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