Z5.0 In new editor paste doesn't work.

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Hi. While working with Zotero, I updated to beta 107.

But in new editor paste (Ctrl+V) doesn't work.

Please have a look.
  • It works for me. Can you provide a Report ID and steps to reproduce?
  • Report ID: D650624731

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    And... The new editor doesn't have menu for changing text color or highlighting. Is it right? The menu disappeared ?
  • We still need Steps to Reproduce.
    The new eidtor doesn't have menu for change text color or highlight. Is it right? The menu disappeared ?
    Oops, looks like those got lost in the upgrade. We'll add them back.
  • For your understanding, I add screenshot showing right-click menu. It has only link and source code menus without copy, paste, etc.

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    Cut/Copy/Paste in the context menu will be restored — that also got lost in the upgrade — but you said this was about Ctrl-V. Is that not the case?
  • Yes. Now, I'm thinking of the way how to provide Steps to Reproduce.
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    Report ID: D31047704.

    Steps to Reproduce. (On Windows 7)

    1. In a note, drag some lines.
    2. [Crtl+C] to copy dragged lines.
    3. Place cursor in some place of the note.
    4. [Ctrl+V] to paste.
    5. Nothing happened. <-- That means Paste menu doesn't work.


    [Crtl+X] to cut text works fine.
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    That's still a bit too vague.

    If you create a new note, type 'abc', select it, Ctrl-C, put the cursor after the 'c', and press Ctrl-V, does it paste, such that you see 'abcabc'?
  • No. It doesn't work.

    Please have a look at this wmv file.
    As you see, with shortcut (Ctrl+v) nothing happens.
    Only with menu [File-Paste] pasting works.

  • Hmm, weird. That definitely works for me. Can you see if this is affected by any language settings/programs on your computer, or by a computer restart?

    (If anyone else running Windows is reading, it'd be great to know if you can reproduce this.)
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    After restarting computer, nothing changed.

    If you restore Cut/Copy/Paste context menu, the shortcut menu might be available, I guess and hope.

    Curiously, Ctrl+dragging to copy and paste works OK.

    After all, only Ctrl+V doesn't work.
  • In the source code window, Ctrl+V works fine.
    However, in note window it doesn't work.
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    OK. I came to the solution.

    Some weeks ago, I set [dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled] into "false" in config to remove "StartFragment" code.

    I came up with that some minutes ago.

    So I restored it into "true", default status. Now Ctrl+V works fine.

    Thanks anyway.
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