Attachments missing after transferring


on laptop A I had Zotero 5.0 Beta running, with attachments stored on WebDAV.

on laptop B I installed Zotero 4.0 and synced my online settings (method B on

Now, on laptop B some of the attachments are there, but quite a few are missing.

What is the best, failsafe way to bring my attachments back? Should I unsync and transfer the data folder from laptop A (method A on instead or would there be a way to merge what is already there and the attachments that are missing?

Much thanks for your insights,
  • (But yes, you could just transfer the entire data directory, if you upgrade to 5.0 on the other computer as well.)
  • Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Dan - will do and follow up!
  • Hi again - it appears that my attachments weren't on the WebDAV to begin with (although I'm quite certain they used to be at some point).
    WebDAV has about 15.5MB of content, while my library holds 14.07GB in attachments.
    When I perform a sync after 'Reset File Sync History', no warnings are given and the Server configuration indicates that file sync 'is successfully set up.'
    I created a Debug ID to see if anything is going wrong during syncing, which you can find here: D1996504185. Thanks in advance for letting me know what other routes to explore.
  • Nevermind - went back to using transfer method A and sticking with Beta 5.0. I'll check to see what's going wrong with my WebDAV sycning. Thanks for the help!
  • Actually, it looks like "Reset File Sync History" is currently broken in 5.0. Will fix that for the next build.
  • Thanks Dan! Look forward to trying it out when ready.
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