Suggestions for PDF reader for Windows

Any suggestions on the best PDF program to open and annotate PDFs on Windows? I use Adobe Acrobat but I find it clunky. I have tried Sumatra PDF which is fast but doesn't have many annontation features.
  • It's really a matter of taste, of course (I think Acrobat is quite nice, personally) but FoxIt and pdfXchange are two options worth looking at.
  • I personally use Nuance PowerPDF. I've also used Microsoft Reader and like it a lot.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I was using FoxIt for a while but in the end it doesn't seem that much better than Acrobat. I think I will probably just stick with Acrobat. I just wondered if there was a fast (ie. light on features, streamlined interface) PDF viewer that had a focus on academic friendly features like annotations.
  • Try Microsoft reader--it's about the fastest PDF program I've ever tried.
  • STDU Viewer doesn't have annotations, but it's very lightweight. It also understands DJVU and several ebook types.
  • I use PDF-XChange Editor and prefer it over Adobe Acrobat.
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