[5.0 Beta] Cursor jumps to top of note

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  • Thanks to the Zotero team for all the great work you are doing in developing this new version!

    I think I spotted one error. When typing up notes associated with items, after writing a couple of sentences the cursor suddenly jumps to the top of the text and several last words (about one sentence length or even more) are deleted. This happens both when typing inside the Zotero frame and when opening the note in a new window.

    Just for clarification - I am using Firefox beta r69, but exactly the same behaviour is there since the earliest beta versions.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for this?
  • The same happens to me in the actual version of Zotero 5 Beta (Version 5.0-beta.113+2237c71)
  • I think Dan fixed this yesterday, so should not happen anymore in the next (114) beta
  • Yeah, this should mostly be fixed in the latest beta. There's still one situation where the cursor can jump up to the top, and we'll hopefully have that fixed soon, but I don't believe it should happen while you're actively typed in a note, and you shouldn't lose any typed text. Obviously, if that happens with the latest build, let us know, and provide a Debug ID if you can reproduce it reliably.
  • Debug ID: D2014338527
    But I am still using version 113 I think: Version 5.0-beta.113+2237c71. I'll keep an eye on that issue after the next update.
  • The latest beta is 115.
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