Making the "Related" Field Searchable

I made this request in another thread ( but felt it might be a separate issue, hence the new thread.

I am writing to request that the "related" field be a searchable field, either included in the "everything" general search or as a field in the advanced search. The purpose of this request would be to allow one to quickly view and navigate all items "related" to a given source in the Middle Library Panel, which would allow one to quickly review the content of these items in the Right Panel. This would offer an improvement to the current situation, which requires that one toggle to the "related" tab in the Right Panel and then individually navigate (i.e., redirect) to each related item.

This feature request is in response to a scenario where one might have a large number of stand-alone notes, for example, that have been related to one or more items. Efficiently reviewing all related notes in such a scenario would be next to impossible if one had to be redirected to each one in turn through an item's "Related" tab.

Of course, one easy solution is simple attaching notes to a given source, where they can be navigated in the Middle Panel. But in my own work it has made more sense to use stand-alone notes that can be filed and organized independently of their parent nodes and that can in some cases be "related" to multiple items.

Huge supporter of Zotero. Thank you!
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