Character Encoding with German Umlauts

Hey all,

I´d like to export my Library, but my library entries are not translated as it has to be.
For example: Akzeptanz von Elektromobil?t <-- thats wrong.
It hast to be like this: Akzeptanz von Elektromobilität

Im working on a Mac with Zotero and i changed to all encodings properties.
Can you help me to fix this problem?

I need an answer, cause I´m writing my Masterthesis. :(

Thanks for your help in advance.
  • what's the URL for the library catalog? Zotero supports UTF-8, so Umlauts per se aren't a problem at all. More likely something odd with encoding on their side. Also, which browser are you using?
  • Im using safari.
    Is that the problem? Do i have to change it to firefox??

    Here is a copy from my libary in Tex:
    address = {Wiesbaden},
    title = {Öffentliche {MobilitÀt}},
    isbn = {978-3-658-03301-9 978-3-658-03302-6},
    url = {},
    language = {de},
    urldate = {2016-01-10},
    publisher = {Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden},
    editor = {Schwedes, Oliver},
    year = {2014},
    file = {Öffentliche MobilitÀt.pdf:/Users/chrissi/Library/Application Support/Zotero/Profiles/dn44p69q.default/zotero/storage/4K8CI748/Öffentliche Mobilität.pdf:application/pdf}

    and an example from CSV:
    XFPV2XPP,"book","2014","Fazel, Ludwig","Akzeptanz von Elektromobilit?t","",.....
  • Oh Ok, I misunderstood -- so the problem is library export from Zotero. Is that a problem for all umlauts or just specific ones? If you retype those umlauts in Zotero directly and export again -- same problem?
    For the above, which encoding did you choose on export?
  • Yes you are right. The export from zotero is not translating the umlauts.
    It affects each umlauts and I tried to export the library with every encoding. But it didn't work at all.
  • how about the other questions:
    1. which encoding is used above and
    2. what happens when you retype the umlaut in Zotero
  • (though I don't think Zotero should ever export garbage like the above -- it should either be UTF-8 or bibtex-escaped umlauts)
  • When I import the example reference by doi and export to BibTeX with the default character set, the data looks the same as above except the UTF-8 entities are as expected.

    I believe the mojibake occurs because Chrissi's editor is mis-rendering the UTF-8 in ISO 8859-1 (that converts Öffentliche to Öffentliche, etc.).

    In any case, the solution is, as zuphillip points out, to switch to another encoding to get the BibTeX encoded higher characters.
  • Hey, thanks for all our answers.

    It seems to work.. Don't know why, but i am happy!
    Western seems to be the right one. Just Western.

    Thank you all!
  • Hi everyone,
    I get back for the discussion because the problem also at importing .bib in zotero with ISO-8859-1 encoding, (e.g. characters with accent replaced with a question mark special character)... I didn't find any solution with of the import encoding format proposed by zotero in preferences>exportation and it didn't work with the auto-detect option.
    The only workaround I found was to convert from 8859-1 to UTF-8 with iconv command line (I am on Ubuntu)... It would be great to integrate ISO 8859-1 in the same list than the other encoding formats (MacRoman, etc.).
  • It would be great to integrate ISO 8859-1 in the same list than the other encoding formats
    "Western" is ISO 8859-1.
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