Search Folder pane

The folder pane is becomes really hard to maintain after you have about 100 folders, with many of them nested several levels.

Can we get a folder search option (just like the is a tag search option)? So let's say you have the following folder hierachy:
History/China/Boxer Rebellion

Search for "China" in the folder list, and the "China" folder (with all of its nested subfolders) pops up.
  • This is a common request, and we'll likely do something like this, but a workaround in the meantime is to press + to expand all rows and then type "China" to select that collection (assuming there's only one).
  • thanks.
    that would be a good workaround if you could expand all folders and search for "China" as opposed to "C". I have about a dozen folders that begin with "C".

    p.s. expand/collapse all would be a nice feature.
  • edited August 10, 2016
    Sorry, I think you're misunderstanding. Expand/collapse all exists (+ and -), and you can type-to-find entire words (e.g., "china") — that's what I'm suggesting using now as a workaround, and it's the reason another form of collection search hasn't been a high priority.
  • thanks for the clarification. works. pretty cool feature.
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