Full text search sometimes fails

I have 5,203 entries in Zotero, and about half of those have PDFs associated with them.

I do a search for "polar" (no quotation marks), and the one entry I expect to find, it doesn't (it does find other entries okay, but not the one I was expecting).

Opening the PDF associated with the entry and searching the PDF finds "polar" okay. Other words in the file don't seem to be found either.

Zotero says the file is index. Just in case, I clear the index and rebuild the index. The same problem occurs.

I try the search on Zotero standalone, and on another PC with Zotero FF ... same problem.

Zotero is set to index the firs 5,000,000 characters (not 50,000)... the searched for word is in a file that is 2 Mb big; so should be withing the first 5,000,000 characters.

Any suggestions what I might do next to resolve this?
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