How to display a word in italic in a title ?

Sometimes when titles contain foreign words or refer to a work, foreign words or refered work have to be italicize. If all the title is italicized, these foreign words or refered work have to be display in roman.
I tkink it's not possible. May be the only way is to edit manually bibliography ?
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    Search the forums please; this has come up many times.

    But short answer is there's no good answer; I think if you put underscores before after the title, though, you might find it renders in your document.
  • Remind me Bruce, does CSL provide a solution for it? Since old style reference managers do not handle this very well and since it's a much requested feature, it would seem that CSL should take the chance to improve things.
  • We were just having a discussion about this, but are still not sure this really belongs in CSL (might belong more to implementations like Zotero).
  • @bdarcus: Thanks a lot for your answer. I have found a track ticket in forums about this feature. A patch in csl.js file is proposed. Line numers are not as in 1.5syncB1 release file, but it's not really difficult to report the patch in current release.
    It seems that cls.js will be rewritte from scratch. I hope the new version will provide a such features or a wysiwyg solution as for "note" items
    Thanks a lot
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