Citation styles with footnotes

Hi everyone,

Is there a list of available styles that use footnotes?

I kind of like the Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed (full note), but not completely. For example I don't like the way it puts MAIN AUTHOR et. al., I would prefer it would just list all authors. I also don't like that the title enters in the style, etc

If there is no such list of styles that use footnotes available to choose from, is there any way to convert any style into footnotes in stead of endnotes?
  • Check "note" and "Show only unique styles" on
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    Hi Adam,

    Believe it or not, I checked all the styles over there at 'note' but there is not a single one matching my criteria..

    Is it possible to convert a style which as a standard uses a bibliography at the end into footnote citations?

    For example, the style 'Angewandte Chemie International Edition', which is available, is 100% how I would like my citations to be... The only thing is that I want them as a footnote and not at the end of a document. I tried to edit the style but I didn't succeed :(
  • the two things you'd need to do is
    a) change the class in the <style line of the style (2nd line) to "note"
    b) copy over the bibliography -- from <layout...> to </layout> -- to the citation section. That should work.
  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks so much for your help! I'm almost there. Following what you said I have now my citation in a footnote, and I took out the bibliography at the end. The only thing that still needs to be corrected now is the following. My footnote citation is shown as

    1 [1] XXXX (the first 1 being the superscript)

    How can I take out the duplicated [1] (Not only the brackets but also the number)

    Thanks again!
  • delete <text variable="citation-number" prefix="[" suffix="]"/>
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    Hi Adam,

    I already found the solution, I took out the line
    <text variable="citation-number" prefix="[" suffix="]"/>

    Is there any way to change the font from Times New Roman to Calibri?
  • that's somewhere set in Word. Zotero doesn't define fonts.
  • Ok, thanks so much for your help!
  • Hi,

    I was looking to this discussion because I had the same problems and it helped me, so maybe you could help me again.
    Here my problem:

    For example, my 1st footnote citation is shown as

    1 [1] XXXX (the first 1 being the superscript)

    and the 2nd, with two references in, is shown as

    2 [2] XXXX
    [3] XXXX

    How it is possible to change the numbers between brackets to letters, as [a] for each 1st reference of each citation, [b] for each 2nd reference of each citation... etc.

  • You're looking for an ACS-type style (or some other Chemistry journal)? Those aren't currently supported, sorry.
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    Yes i wanted to use "Angewandte" style.

    And is there something else I can do to replace brackets and the number between and do something like I said before? (before I delete the line "<text variable="citation-number" prefix="[" suffix="]"/>" as you wrote")
  • no, that's the only option and it's not possible to replace the number with anything else substantial (though you can change the semicolon between the different citations to anything else you'd like.
  • Okay thank you for help!
  • Hallo,

    I haven't managed to reproduce this:

    "b) copy over the bibliography -- from to -- to the citation section."

    as it is not clear to me. Various things i tried lead to: "Error parsing style:
    Error: File is not valid XML"

    I would be grateful if someone could clarify what the above instruction means.

    Kind regards
  • Use this to see what gives you the error:

    You probably just forgot to close off something properly />.

    Otherwise we'd need to see the code. Use something like pastebin and post the link here.
  • Hello,

    I have successfully managed to edit my Nature citation style file to make the bibliography appear as footnotes. But something I am struggling with is that if I cite several papers at the same time in my main text, they will be grouped under just 1 number instead of each getting their number (the way they would in a bibliography section at the end of the document). Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you,
  • No, there's no way to fix that. Footnotes aren't able to do this. I'd generally recommend against using numeric styles as footnotes. It's not just that Zotero has no support for it, it's almost impossible to do in Word proper even if you were to do it manually.
  • Ah, that's too bad. Thanks though!
  • Oh, would there be a way at least to separate them, with a space, or a new line maybe?
  • Not really, no. You could just insert every citation individually, I suppose? That'll generate individual footnotes.
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