Translators not showing in Standalone

I'm using Standalone with the Firefox Connector. When Zotero is opened in Firefox, the toolbar icon displays the corret translator and sites can be imported fine. However, when standalone is open, sites will only display the Web Page translator. Clicking on them displays a "Saving Item..." window in the corner as if it were importing the site, though it never turns from grey to black and disappears with no site being imported. Any ideas?

The report ID is 1977396506.
  • you checked the versions of both FF add-on and Standalone? They're both 4.0.29.x?
  • Yes, they're both, although I'm running the beta on FF ( Could that be what the problem is? I can always downgrade to the released version if you think it will help.
  • I'd at least give this a try, yes. I'm surprised it'd matter, but let's rule that out.
  • amc
    edited July 21, 2016
    I'm now running plain in both locations and it still exhibits the same behavior. I should maybe also mention I'm using Firefox Portable, in case that makes a difference.
  • Do you have any other browser (Chrome?) with connector installed that you could test this under? I don't recall every having seen the behavior you describe and having a hard time to think through troubleshooting.
    @Dan -- do you have any thoughts?
  • I've installed Chrome Portable (I have to use portable apps because I don't have admin privileges -- it's my work computer). It acts like it's importing correctly: the correct translator is displayed (unlike FF), and it pops up the correct import box upon clicking it, but nothing is imported into Zotero, regardless of whether the Standalone or FF version is open.
  • amc
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    I should mention, however, that Zotero was installed with admin rights (by our IT dept).
  • Yeah, I'm guessing the portable issue might make the difference, perhaps combined with some other IT locking of the system, such as some type of proxy or Firewall.

    Just sticking with the FF version is not an option? You could still sync it so you have the data in Standalone?
  • Well, I don't mind sticking with FF, but we're deploying Zotero more widely around the office and other folks use other browsers, so I had planned to have them use Standalone. Maybe what I'll do for the folks that don't use FF is have them all install FF Portable and use the FF plugin like I'll do. They won't be able to import from their chosen browser, but at least it'll do as a workaround.
  • Some new information: I followed the instructions on another recent thread and pasted
    into Chrome. Like the other post, I get "Zotero Standalone is currently unavailable" even though it's open and seems to be functioning fine. Importing a reference opens the following errors in that panel:

    [JavaScript Error: "getTranslators: detection is already running" {file: "chrome-extension://ekhagklcjbdpajgpjgmbionohlpdbjgc/zotero/translation/translate.js" line: 1056}]
    [JavaScript Error: "Attachment MIME type text/html does not match specified type application/pdf" {file: "chrome-extension://ekhagklcjbdpajgpjgmbionohlpdbjgc/zotero/connector/translate_item.js" line: 371}]

    Don't know if that helps, but the Report ID is 1420253040.
  • Most likely the problem here is some sort of security software or network lockdown. Zotero connectors work using TCP networking locally and something interfering with the traffic would definitely cause connectors not being able to talk to standalone.

    This is probably something worth taking to the IT department.
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