OSCOLA subsequent citations

When subequent citations of statutes are implemented, it appears that the cross citation (eg. n 2) but not the specified section (eg. s 65) is shown. This issue seems peculiar to statute citations. Thank you.
  • I'll look, but might take a little.
  • The issue does not seem to present when using a 'bill', instead of a 'statute'.
    The issue is also present if the court is omitted from a case, but I only mention this if it may assist you in some way.
  • Is there a way to block the creation of the subsequent citation notation 'n'? It is not strictly necessary in OSCOLA, apparently. Thank you.
  • edited July 4, 2016
    I just removed what I judged (in my XML ignorance) to be the subsequent citation section from the OSCOLA style using a text editor and it seems to be working fine now, less the 'n'. This seems to be OSCOLA compliant as per page 5 para 1.2.1 of the 4th ed.
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