[Juris-M] OSCOLA square brackets

[1893] 1 Ch. 218 appears as (1893) Ch 218

Is there a way to format keeping the date etc in their respective fields (a workaround in Zotero is to put [1893] 1 Ch into the reporter volume field, but that jumbles the field data). Perhaps I am placing the information in the incorrect fields?

Reporter field = Ch
Reporter Volume = 1
First Page = 218
Date Decided = 1893
  • Quickly without checking the juris-m documentation: there should be a "Year as volume" checkbox that toggles the square vs. round bracket behavior. Frank should have instructions for how to enter individual cases on his website as part of the MLZ (now juris-m) book.

    (And to avoid confusion for others: this is for juris-m only; in Zotero itself, the workaround mentioned above is the only available solution).
  • Yep - as adamsmith says. Those values, with 1893 in the YearAsVolume field should produce a correct cite.
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