Zotero crashes on tags (report-ID: 1037006191)

I have one tag, that produces an error, everytime i add it to a note. It's called "Äußerungsmodalitäten", but i don't think it depends on the word. i get the message that zotero crashed and i have to restart firefox, after i restarted firefox, the note appers again, but without the tag added. When i then try to add some other tags, it gets weird, because it can't remember the tags, or it adds other tags, or it shows "2 tags" while it displays 4 tags, etc. I added it to several different notes, and it was the same everywhere, so it must depend on the tag, not on a note.

I deleted the tag and since then everything works well again.

I'm not sure if this error was already posted, but i hope it'll help you make the Zotero Sync-version work.
Kind regards,
  • New problem with a tag: I have onr tag, which is still displayed, although it's not connected to any note, book, etc. It's displayed grey, while the real tags are black. I can rename, but not delete it. I restored the local Zotero-data from the webaccount, and the tags was not shown - but when i then synced zotero, it was there again.

    Maybe this issue is connected to the one i described above. Although the tag from above was deleted and stayed so for one day.
  • Is the tag still on any items in your trash can?
  • no, there were no items in my trash can. the tag was not connected with any item anymore.

    by the way, the problem was suddenly fixed when i upgraded to the beta version. now everything works fine.
  • my first sync failed (with a small database) with last error "tag 'blah blah blah ...' too long. I deleted all tags and still can't sync with the same "last error"
  • Jim: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/5435/too-many-letters-in-tag-to-sync/#Item_6
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