Impossible to view a seriesNumber in an articleJournal item

In a csl style, it is not possible to view a "seriesNumber" for a bibliographic item of type "articleJournal" by using the csl variable "collection-number".

If you use a Chicago-style modified as bellow, and with a bibliographic item where fields "Series" (as for me it should be "Series Number") and "Series Title" in the tab "Info" are filled in, you will never seen the seriesNumber:

<macro name="collection-title">
<text variable="collection-title" prefix=" [" suffix="]"/>
<text variable="collection-number" prefix=" (" suffix=")"/>

csl variable "collection-title" is mapped on "seriesTitle" and "series",
csl variable "collection-number" is mapped on "seriesNumber".

As for me, the bug comes from an error in the "system.sql" file at line 328:

INSERT INTO itemTypeFields VALUES (4, 3, NULL, 8);

the value 4 means: itemTypes=articleJournal
the value 3 means: fields=series

I believe it sould be 30 for seriesNumber.

INSERT INTO itemTypeFields VALUES (4, 30, NULL, 8);

I apologize for my english language because i am french and i hope you understand this issue.

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    csl variable "collection-title" is mapped on "seriesTitle" and "series",
    csl variable "collection-number" is mapped on "seriesNumber."
    Perhaps Zotero should not have both seriesTitle and series--these two fields seem to refer to the same thing.
  • erazlogo,

    I agree with you "seriesTitle" and "series" are redundant and mapped on the same csl variable, so in csl style it is not possible to distinguish one form another.

    In the GUI associated with "articleJournal" bibliographic item, fields "series" and "seriesTitle" are both displayed. Instead of displaying field "series", i consider it will be more wise to display "seriesNumber" field. The system.sql file describes which fields are displayed for each bibliographic item type. It's why i think there is an error in this file.

  • seriesTitle and series are not redundant, but they're confusing. See

    So the csl mapping is probably wrong.

    But on the original topic of this thread -- seriesNumber not being available for itemType "Journal Article" -- I'd like to request that seriesNumber be made available for itemType "Journal Article". Here is a use case:

    For this article, I want to use the following Zotero fields:

    volume: 62
    issue: (none)
    series: Arbeiten zur Mehrsprachigkeit = Working Papers in Multilingualism
    seriesNumber: Folge B = Series B
  • Has anyone had a chance to look into this yet?
  • I would still very much appreciate allowing making seriesNumber available for itemType "Journal Article". Until then, I am just going to do this:

    volume: 62
    issue: (none)
    series: Arbeiten zur Mehrsprachigkeit (Folge B) = Working Papers in Multilingualism (Series B)
  • what's the downside of your current approach? It would seem to me that a series number would best used mainly for, well, numbers.

    I don't see anything wrong with having seriesNumber for journal articles in general, though. If we have series we should have series numer - that's just my opinion, though, nothing official.
  • To me, whether a series which is "numbered" using letter is still a series number.

    But, more importantly, by shoving both the title of the series and the "series B" thing in the same field, I give up the hope of being able to handle the title and the "B" separately when exporting my Zotero data to different citation formats. I doubt that all citation formats expect to show "(Folge B)" or "Series (B)" after the title of the series.

    There is, of course, a separate problem in my example which I didn't even bring up: Zotero's lack of functionality for bilingual citations. I've used " = " to add the second language after the first, but this, too, limits how I can reuse the data. It would be better if I could do something like:

    series_de: Arbeiten zur Mehrsprachigkeit
    series_en: Working Papers in Multilingualism
  • see here
    if multilingual functions are important to you. It will be a significant time until they make it into mainstream Zotero - though the hope is that they will.
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