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I have added a single source citation and want to add more references. I then click on "edit citation" and "multiple sources". What now happens is that the original ref disapperas and I have to add it again.

In RefMan if you but several citations after eachother they automatically get mergen to a multiple source citation. Would this be possible in Zotero too?
  • There's another thread on this...

    No progress yet though..
  • I would find asplundj suggestion quite helpful too.

    @neurosceptic: I'm not sure if that's the same issue. I think the problem is not to rearrange existing multiple citations but to create a multiple citation from a singular one, like when you rearrange your text and single citations come to stand next to each other (and should be merged) or when you just want to add a citation to a single one.

    Endnote also merges adjacent citations automatically. Right now I had to note the page detail for each citation and create a new, multiple citation.
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    I agree. This is a major issue.
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    Here is a patch against a recent snapshot of the 1.0 branch that does that. It's not a totally simple change; in single-entry mode the prefix and other user-supplied details are stored in the form, but have to be copied to an array for multiple-entry selections. This part of the sources are a little complicated already, probably from incremental feature additions, and the designers may opt to wait until they have time to refactor the module before making feature adjustments like this. (I'm not a developer, just a user who spent some time thrashing around in the sources during the holiday.)

    If you're familiar with patching code, you can unpack your zotero.jar and make the change yourself. But remember that the changes will be lost with an upgrade, and you'll need to reapply the patch. Also, the usual disclaimers apply; if I've messed up and something goes wrong, you're on your own. :(
    diff -r -u zotero-1.0-branch.orig/chrome/content/zotero/addCitationDialog.js zotero-1.0-branch/chrome/content/zotero/addCitationDialog.js
    --- zotero-1.0-branch.orig/chrome/content/zotero/addCitationDialog.js 2009-01-07 18:24:35.000000000 +0900
    +++ zotero-1.0-branch/chrome/content/zotero/addCitationDialog.js 2009-01-07 19:38:29.000000000 +0900
    @@ -149,14 +149,34 @@
    function toggleMultipleSources() {
    _multipleSourcesOn = !_multipleSourcesOn;
    if(_multipleSourcesOn) {
    + var items = itemsView.getSelectedItems(true);
    + var itemID = (items.length ? items[0] : false);
    + // var itemDataID = itemID+"::"+0;
    document.getElementById("multiple-sources").hidden = undefined;
    document.getElementById("zotero-add-citation-dialog").width = "750";
    document.getElementById("multiple-sources-button").label = Zotero.getString("citation.singleSource");
    + // move user field content to multiple before adding XXXXX
    + if (itemID) {
    + // _itemData[itemDataID] = new Object();
    + _itemData[itemID] = new Object();
    + for (box in _preserveData) {
    + element = document.getElementById(box);
    + // _itemData[itemDataID][box] = element[_preserveData[box]];
    + _itemData[itemID][box] = element[_preserveData[box]];
    + }
    + }
    window.moveTo((window.screenX-75), window.screenY);
    // disable adding info until citation added
    + // add current selection
    + if (itemID) {
    + this.add();
    + } else {
    + _updateAccept();
    + _updatePreview();
    + }
    } else {
    document.getElementById("multiple-sources").hidden = true;
    document.getElementById("zotero-add-citation-dialog").width = "600";
    @@ -174,9 +194,9 @@

    // delete all items
    + _updateAccept();
    + _updatePreview();
    - _updateAccept();
    - _updatePreview();

  • Checked in to the trunk. Seems to work great. Many thanks, Frank!
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