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I add on the Orcid ideas forum new suggestion for import of publication from Zotero library directly to Orcid. I do not know, why I have export metadata from Zotero and import them in Orcid, when it can be done automatically. If you agree with this idea, please vote for it. Thanks.
  • I got this message from Orcid:

    Thanks for your suggestion. The automatic tools to add information to your ORCID record has been built in partnership between ORCID and the provider of the other tool.

    At this time Zotero has not worked with ORCID to create a tool like this, though we would be happy to reach out to them to try and work on it. If you know who we can contact there to work on this, please let us know.

    For now, we suggest using one of the systems that are linked with ORCID to add works to your record. From the Add Works menu select Search & Link button to see a list of databases from which you can add works. Two we particularly recommend for adding all of your publications at once are Scopus and Europe PubMed Central.

    You can view more details about how this works at:

    Warm regards,
    ORCID Support

    Who is the best person for communication with ORCID? Dan Stillman?
  • I would like to ask again: Who is the best person for communication with ORCID team? Dan Stillman or anybody else?
  • the best place would be the zotero-dev list!forum/zotero-dev
    where all developers, including potentially interested 3rd party devs, read along.
  • I published on the!topic/zotero-dev/2LSjlOkfG4c but no response.
  • no answer is an answer, too -- I just don't think there currently are the resources for this (they should support generic RIS upload, though).
  • Hi All,

    I'd be happy to chat about the possibilities. Feel free to get in touch with me on this thread, or via @tomdemeranville on twitter. If I can't help I'm sure I can put you in touch with someone who can.

    Tom Demeranville (ORCID EU, Project THOR)
  • It occurs to me that in the other direction (ORCID->Zotero) it would be fairly simple to create a translator that fetches the *authorative* citation metadata rather than the sparser metadata held in the ORCID registry.

    For example, it's fairly trivial to get a bibtex formatted citation from a DOI (it's a single http request - although complicated by the fact corssref content negotiation doesn't work over https). I imagine the same can be done with a few other identifiers, such as pubmed, amazon etc using translators that are already available (forgive me if I'm misunderstanding the way zoetrro works). A quick visit behind the scenes of the work url would probably be enough in most cases.

    If 'authoritive' metadata cannot be found, then ORCID can provide citeproc metadata for a given work in a record, again with a single http request. This is generated using the bibtex citation we hold (if present) or whatever metadata we have, which will be at least a title, probably an identifier/url, an author (the owner of the ORCID record), publisher and a few other bits and bobs.

  • (ORCID->Zotero)
    For example, it's fairly trivial to get a bibtex formatted citation from a DOI
    Zotero already retrieves bibliographic information from CrossRef for any webpage that lists dois. Naturally, some ORCID references lack this. CrossRef's data is far from comprehensive. It lacks the abstract/description that ORCID often has & the data is supplied by the publisher; some publishers neglect to include details they have (missing author name info, pages, issue, etc.)

    So: there's value in a site-specific ORCID translator.
    If 'authoritive' metadata cannot be found, then ORCID can provide citeproc metadata for a given work in a record, again with a single http request.
    This sounds useful. I haven't done my homework, but do you have a page documenting how to retrieve that citeproc metadata?
  • The citeproc content type is not well documented outside of our swagger interface, but it does work.

    For example, this returns the citeproc JSON for a work on my record:
    curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/vnd.citationstyles.csl+json' ''

    You can easily set the content type with javascript, but you can't do it in the browser bar, hence a curl example.

    The 'putCode' part, 23239358, can be found in the HTML for works on the public page (i.e. <li orcid-put-code="23239358">).

    If you wish to get a list of works for a given ORCID without scraping the HTML, then you can use this to get the summaries from the API (which contain the putCodes needed to get the citeproc):

    curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' ''

    For reference, my page is at
    And the swagger interface to our v2.x APi is at
  • I created an issue for a potential ORCID translator in the github repo.
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