Zotero database file

I noticed that the zotero.sqlite database file in my home directory is 3 years old, but I actively use, so I am unclear where Zotero is actually writing to. Where is Zotero writing too? We are performing major migrations and home directories here are actually network U drives, so we need to know. Thanks.
  • Is this the location:

    If this is true, than it means I can only access locally from this workstation?
  • https://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_data has all relevant info.
    What you post is a typical default location, but you'll have to verify yourself that it's the one you actually use. You can move the database anywhere you want. I'd recommend against placing it on a network drive that allows simultaneous access from multiple locations, but that's not typically how Windows is set up in an institutional/enterprise setting, so probably nothing to worry about (but then, it's also atypical to have your Firefox on C: in such a setting, so better make sure).
  • Thank you. Just curious: At one time, was it installed in the home directory?
  • Zotero has always installed the data directory inside the active Firefox profile by default, so that hasn't changed. The location of the Firefox profile may well have changed from earlier Windows versions.
  • thank you.
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