Move entry to a different collection/folder (not just "copy")?

I'm organizing a collection (folder) into sub-collections (sub-folders).

If I drag and drop an element into a sub-folder, it will create a "copy" of that element in the sub-folder. So then I have the same element into the original folder, and in the new sub-folder. I have to manually remove the element from the original folder so that it is present only in the sub-folder.

Is there a a way to move ("cut+paste") an element into a different folder/sub-folder without leaving a copy of the element in the original folder/sub-folder?
  • (as of Zotero 4.0.21)
    Items can now be be moved (instead of copied) between collections with a modifier key

    Cmd on OS X, Shift on Windows/Linux
    Known issue: No cursor feedback on Windows

    (i.e. hold the key while dragging)
  • Excellent! Thank you adam!
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    Cmd on OSX was allowing me to move (instead of copy) but now is not. Any thoughts as to why? That is, I hold Cmd key and drag the item. It copies instead of moves said item.

    Thank you!
  • On my Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) it is the Shift-Key.
  • Shift also just copies.
    It is truly odd because within the same working session the Cmd function to move (rather than copy) stopped working.
  • @anne -- Have you tried restarting Zotero?
  • I have not. Always the simplest solution, isn't it... ;-) Will do that now and report back.
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    Turning off Firefox and turning back on does not seem to have helped. Or, it helped momentarily but now I'm back to having it not work again. Do I need to reboot computer?
  • I was having this issue too and I realized you have to use the shift button in a very specific way. You have to single click on the item so it turns blue. Then hold down shift. And then drop and drag.
  • In addition to leahkayclarke's comment, the item has to be selected, and the destination is WITHIN THE SAME library / group library, then you can SHIFT+drag to MOVE the item.

    If the item is moved to a DIFFERENT library / group library, then SHIFT+drag doesn't work - only copy happens.

    Please someone verify my observation

  • That's correct. There's no "move" between groups/libraries, that's always going to be a copy operation (and since moving an item out of a library effectly moves it to the trash and thus is pretty consequential -- e.g. links to citing documents will break -- I think that's the correct choice)
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    I just found this thread and am really glad that this feature exists. To add to this discussion: Is there a way to move (cut and paste) items to a different collection using keyboard shortcuts? Coming from Anki, one of the great things about that software is that I can select items, then hit Crtl+D to select a new deck (=collection), then type some letters to find a deck and hit enter to complete the action. The same thing could be possible in zotero.

    EDIT: Is it possible somehow to find all items that are part of more than one collection?

    On a sidenote, I am really curious why anyone would actively pursue a workflow in which items are used in more than one collection. It just strikes me as so counterintuitive.
  • No keyboard shortcuts for collection assignments and no way to find items that are in 2+ collections, no.

    Lots of reasons to have items in multiple collections: they fit systematically in two categories n& you don't have to decide, you create a collection for each paper you write, you use collections for.each database you search in a lit/scoping/systematic review to name just some common scenarios
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    I see, those are actually very valid points. At the moment I am thinking about using subcollections to group my literature research into "I have cited these before in the project" and vice-versa. At the same time, I would like to group the literature review in another subfolder "Topics" that helps me differentiate literature based on the general topic they cover. I suppose such a workflow would be totally in the spirit of placing articles in more than one collection.

    While I really like this possibility, I do also feel like a lot more could be done with this. For instance, when I add a new article, I now have to add it both in the "not cited" subcollection and in one of the "Topics" subcollections. I feel like this approach will become increasingly messy the larger the scale of my literature review. I think what would be cool is to have something like integrity rules in the collection database system. For instance: Throw an error if the collection "Cited/Not cited" and its subcollections have more, less, or different articles inside them compared with the collection "Topics" and all its subcollections. Or: "Always create copy of item in collection X if item is added to collection Y." Or: "Add tag X to item Y if it exists in more than one collection of the list of collections (would be useful in my case for finding items that I put in more than one topic collection)." Are ideas like these somewhere in the development pipeline?

    In any case, thanks for your reply and your work!
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