Creating Collection from Bibliography

I'd like to create a Collection in Zotero which only contains the items referenced and listed in the Bibliography of a Word doc. How do I do that?
  • no automated way of doing this at this time, sorry. Generally planned, but no idea when it's going to happen.
  • If you can do it manually, it no so hard. Of course, for document with many references it is a little bit long work. There is short guidance for everybody who need it:

    0. If you use classic dialog for add/edit citation change it (Zotero Preferences - tab Cite - uncheck "Use classic Add Citation dialog")
    1. Create new collection in your library
    2. Open Word document
    3. Find reference in document and click on Zotero Add/Edit Citation button
    4. Click on reference in Zotero Add/Insert citation window
    5. Click on "Open in My Library"
    6. Copy (drag and drop) item to new collection created in step 1.
    7. Repeat steps 3-6 for all references in document
  • (You don't need to use the Classic dialogue. The default Add/Edit citation window has the "Open in Library" button, too.)
  • You cannot use classic dialog!!! There is no "Open in Library" button (or I do not see it). Sorry, if step 0. in my guidance is unclear.
  • Click on the blue bubble for the citation in question in the default citation dialogue. There will be an "Open in Library" button there (unless the item is stored in the document and comes from a library you don't have access to/was deleted from the library).
  • Pretty sure you're just talking past each other and saying the same thing:
    - this works in quick format
    - this doesn't work in the classic view

    (@bwiernik -- note that step 0 above is to UNcheck the option to use the classic dialog)
  • @adamsmith: can be added this functionality to the classic veiw?
  • the classic view will be replaced by integrating its key features (i.e. mainly access to the collection model) to quick format eventually. I don't think there'll be any development on the current version.
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