Error: Frontiers

The Frontiers translator is saving the section title in the Journal Title field, rather than the journal title.

For example, both of these articles should be saved as "Frontiers in Psychology", but instead save as "Personality and Social Psychology" or "Organizational Psychology":
  • The last time I paid attention, the subtitles were in the metadata. The early PubMed listings from this journal have the same problem until the records are edited. I get around this in SafetyLit by keying on the ISSN and using that as the authority for Frontiers journals. I do the same for much of the IEEE and Society of Mechanical Engineers journal catalogs. Maybe this could be a strategy for Zotero translators.
  • Metadata looks right to me in various places (RIS, metatags). I'm not sure what's going on. I'll take a look.
  • (Based on the test cases, it actually looks like the translator was written to grab the section title, rather than the journal title:
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