Initials in in-text-citation

I want to have initials in in-text-citations with some exceptions. Currently I have only managed to get initials in all occasions where there are two authors with the same last name no matter if they can be confused or not.

When same last name and same year I want initials (J Asplund 2008; K Asplund 2008) but if it is to different authos with the same last name but with different years there should not be any initials there should be no initials (Asplund 2007; Asplund 2008).

This is needed for several journals. One example is Annals of Botany. It is not very obvious what they want in ther instructions for authors but I was aksed to do it this way by the editor.
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    See add-disambiguate. It won't work completely as you expect, so you'll probably have to do some editing at the end (after you save out a copy, and unlink the fields).

    That's a strange rule, BTW; the bit about removing the initials if there are different years. I don't understand why editors do this sort of thing.
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    yes I know about the add-givenname thing I just wanted to know if there were any ways to get it according to the described rules. I guess it's better to set it as false then and write the initials by hand if needed.

    I actually think it is a good rule cause it will only add givenname when there can be a confusion. For instance I usually cite the co-authors A Baur and B Baur a lot. When they are the authors of the same paper there is no risk of confusion so (Baur & Baur 2000) would make a lot more sense than (A Baur & B Baur 2000).
  • OK, I see your point. I think the current behavior might reasonably be called a Zotero bug. It might be worthwhile to add a ticket (if there's not one already).
  • How do I add a ticket?
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