same author, same year - add letters a,b,...


I am currently using this style:

If I have different sources which are from the same author published in the same year, I want it to add a,b,c.. after the year. In the footnotes as well as in the bibliography.

Smith, P. (2001a)
Smith, P. (2001b)

How can I edit the code for that to happen?
Thanks a lot for your help!
  • (we should probably add this for the style. no way that's not intended)
  • I just realized, that this is indeed included. Problem is, it doesn't work with websites. Is that possible?
  • Ok got it somehow, thanks!
  • Hello,

    I am having a similar issue and would like to add the parameter suggested but I'm not entirely sure where this would go within the style editor - guess that's where I would add this?

    I'm would like my 'in text' citations to not use initials to mark the different papers but to use "a, b,c.. etc" instead to differentiate the works by the same author.

    Any assistance is gratefully received!
  • What style are you starting from with your edits?
  • Hi, I'm using Elsevier Harvard. Thanks
  • From the <citation> line of the style, delete disambiguate-add-givenname="true" .
  • Great, worked a treat! Thank you very much
  • Hello,
    I am having an issue with this not working correctly with websites. I have 5 WHO websites with the same access year, so they should be labeled WHO 2019a through 2019e. For some reason, there are two "a"s and two "b"s and the order in the reference list is a,a,b,c,b. So odd.
    I've checked everything to make sure the Zotero entries are as identical as possible (except for title and url).

    Any ideas?
  • Which citation style and could you copy&paste the section of the bibliography with those five items here?
  • I'm having a similar issue to kmpjones. I have 2 papers who share the first 3 authors but not the fourth. When they are et al.'ed you cannot tell which is which. I would think this would call for a,b,c but I can;t get that to add since they aren't the exact same authors. I have like 30 citations with (Anteric et al. 2011) and the two papers are very different! How to differentiate them in text?!
  • Same question -- which citation style is this?
  • edited February 14, 2020
    Hi there, i have the same problem.
    - Same author, same year and he doesn't insert the Suffix but the name of the second author instead, which I want to avoid.
    - I am using the Style MIS Quarterly
    - This is my citation code:
    <citation et-al-min="3" et-al-use-first="1" disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true" disambiguate-add-names="true" disambiguate-add-givenname="true" givenname-disambiguation-rule="by-cite" collapse="year">

    Can anyone help me out over here?
    Thanks in advance :*
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