Browzine / Zotero pdf attachments cannot be found...

I'm having an issue with the PDF attachments I'm trying to download after sending a reference to Zotero from Browzine. Using my iPad, I find the article in Browzine and then send the reference to Zotero. I go to Zotero on my laptop and I can find the sent reference in My Library. So far so good.

But, when I click on the PDF attachement, I get the message that "The attached file could not be found. It may have been moved or deleted outside of Zotero." I then click Locate, but can't find the PDF in the storage files (or anywhere else).

Any thoughts? Hopefully I've explained this all well enough!!

As always, thanks!!!
  • How about on in your library? Is the PDF there?
  • Yes, it is. And I use Box's webdav
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    that would be the problem then: Zotero is saving this to its own storage (which is the only place you can save to via API, as far as I know, i.e. the only thing Browzine can do*) and then you're syncing with Box, where that file isn't saved. I don't see a way around that that doesn't involve using Zotero storage, I'm afraid.

    *this is a technical, not business issue: otherwise Zotero would somehow have to be able to handle two separate authentications -- to Zotero for the data and to WebDAV for the file -- on an API write request and that's at best very tricky, if not impossible to do in a reasonable fashion.
  • Aha...mystery solved. Thanks!
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    I have also this problem but I don't save attachments in storage of
    If I browse my local storage, the PDF's are there. I guess that some index is corrupt.
  • Start a new thread please and describe in a bit more detail what's going on. It's unclear what you mean by "this problem," but unless it involves Browzine and webDAV storage, it's sufficiently different to warrant a separate thread.
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