Some citations crash Firefox

  • yeah, that's exactly the thing we'd want to know:
    does that happen with every style, just with one, or maybe with one group of styles? Since switching back&forth is quick, you can just do that for testing, even if you need the Zeitschrift für Soziologie one in the end.
  • Thanks for your advice! I tried some other citation styles. APA does not work as it supposed to do. There are the same problems. But when I change to the Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (author-date), the citations are correctly.
    Is there any possibility to change something in the citation style of Zeitschrift für Soziologie? E.g. in the commands of the editor?
  • I've noticed that Zotero doesn't always recalculate all of the author-date year disambiguations. Is APA still broken when you force it to recalculate from scratch by switching to it from a non-author style? Or when you hit the Refresh button?
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