LibreOffice integration: Meaningful tooltips when mousing over a reference

I using LibreOffice and Zotero on a recent Ubuntu install. When I mouse over a Zotero reference in an author-date citation format, the tooltip that pops up shows a bunch of non-human-readable code, which serves no purpose.

If the tooltip showed some actual bibliographical information (such as, especially, the title of the work), this would save me a few trips to the reflist at the bottom of the document.

Is there any chance this could be addressed in a future release of the word processing integration?

  • probably not. What's displayed in the tooltip is a LibreOffice function -- it's the content of the reference mark and Zotero needs that data in there to format the references.
    That said, it's actually not entirely human-unreadable: if you look closely, you'll note that after some initial code, it just has the data of the cited item in the format "fieldname": "content", -- so you should be able to spot the title pretty quickly.
  • Thanks! I used to be able to spot the title field data amongst a lot of entirely human-unreadable code, but a recent software upgrade seems to have reduced the contents of the tooltip to a mere single line, whereas it used to come with nearly the equivalent of a prose paragraph's length of stuff.

    Maybe there's a LibreOffice setting that allows me to get the verbose tooltips back.
  • Has anybody found such a setting in LibreOffice in the meantime?
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