Database Error (ID: 1781027879)

Database error is getting more and more frequent recently. I would have to restart Firefox or the whole machine to get Zotero back up working again. Database items would be inaccessible when the Database error occurs.
The error occurs spontaneously every time after the laptop is reactivated from standby mode.
  • and nothing unusual about your setup? database on external disk? Synced folder (Dropbox, Owncloud etc.)? Any add-ons that could possibly interact with the Zotero database? I'm not aware of any other reports on this, so we'd really want to look for something quite specific to your setup.
  • I am using Dropbox but it does not interact with Zotero.
    Firefox plugins installed are: Zotfile and Zutilo.
  • Dropbox only matters if you place the data directory into it. I don't think Zutilo or ZotFile should cause any problems, so neither of these should matter.

    Nothing else that's unusual? Database is in its default location? Are you still on Ubuntu or a different distro/OS?
    This suggests the drive your Zotero data directory is on is out of space.
  • (That or something on your computer is misbehaving and causing Firefox to think that.)

    Also note that you're using Firefox 35, which is well out of date, and we can't provide support unless you're using the latest version.
  • Is there a convenient way to move part of the data to an external hard drive?
  • nothing super convenient, but you could use Zotfile to convert some attachments into linked files in a custom location and that custom location can be anywhere, including on an external HD.
  • The issue is resolved. Thank you!
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