Share "link to file" in group

As we know, for now we can use lots of e-contents.
But when we use such files, we can share with other people via the shared folder like dropbox or google drive..
But if I cannot shared "link to file", I cannot share them efficiently.
So, sharing "link to file" in group itself is needed.
  • you can link to URIs (e.g. the dropbox share link) in groups. You cannot link to files, since those links would break for other people (as the paths to files on google drive or dropbox on different machines are different). That's why that option isn't available for groups.
  • Zotero allow us to use "the relative paths" when we link the file to reference.
    In fact, I share my account with my peers and let them know how to set up the relative paths, sharing my real files via Dropbox. So we can use the whole files with the references.
    You don't have to worry about different paths which users in same group use because they can set up like me.
    Of course, the public might not be able to share such links.
    But for the people who want to share their files, link to file is very useful and powerful.
  • right, once relative links work for groups (which requires some non-insignificant extra work on implementation, particular with respect to the GUI, so would likely have to happen as a 3rd party patch if it's going to be soon) links will be enabled in groups.
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