Can Zotero work on an iPad Air?

I'm confused about how to make zotero work on an iPad. Can someone point me to some clear instructions on the steps, maybe a video?
What I think I understand is that Firefox for iPad does not support Zotero so I must us ... what a standalone for Safari?
When I go to download the Safari standalone I get a connector that opens in Documents. And then I'm lost.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
  • you can't run Zotero on an iPad, period. You can, however,
    a) install the bookmarklet to save items directly to your library:
    b) install papership (or Zotpad) to view&manage your library
  • OK, I did learn about that and installed it. So that will save citations one sees on Safari (also Firefox for iPad?). thanks
    And I will get Zotpad to manage the library. Thanks for that too.
  • The bookmarklet should work on any reasonably modern browser on any device, yes.
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