Problem with Group Library Storage

When syncing I'm getting a warning: The group *** has reached its Zotero File Storage quota. Some files were not uploaded. Other Zotero data will continue to sync to the server.

The group owner can increase the group's storage capacity from the storage settings section on

I have plenty of storage overall. I did not see any way to change the storage settings on this group library.
What do I need to do to solve this problem.
  • You're very likely not the owner of that group -- that's the storage that matters, not your personal one.
  • OK, what do I tell the owner to do?
    And, is there a way to move group library items to my private library? It does not seem to accept drag and drop.
  • The owner needs to increase their personal storage or transfer the group library to someone (like you) with extra storage space. (That's easy to find under library settings on this page).

    You should be able to drag&drop from the group. If it doesn't work, do you have a copy of the same item in your library, possibly an earlier iteration? That would prevent that.
  • I am the owner of my libary and I don't see the option to increase size.
    I cannot see if this limit is also my account that has no more storage and if so, what is the limit and how much is used so far.
  • @NEGU93 click on "Upgrade Storage" at the top right of this webpage. This will show you storage use by group/library and allow you to increase storage if needed.
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