Zotero could not be verified for use in Firefox ...

"Proceed with Caution"
I am getting this message in Firefox Add-ons.
I tried reinstalling Zotero and Word add on, but the message still appears.
What is wrong?
  • Nothing. See https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/51154/sign-addon-httpswikimozillaorgaddonsextensionsigning/#Item_12 for more.
  • I wish I understood all this about signing. I don't.
    What I need to know, in short: is Zotero able to work for me, despite this warning? And, is there any fix I can apply?
  • Just ignore it. It doesn't affect how Zotero works and it will go away some time later this year.
  • That's what I need! Thanks.
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