Edit citation

Is there a way to edit citations like it used to be possible before? Now when you click the button, it tries to add a new citation inside the one already there messing everything up. I find it no longer possible to edit it and just add or delete some of the cited work like it used to be and I think the software has become more difficult to use with this change in it
  • the button should automatically behave like the previous edit citation when you have the cursor in an existing citation -- are you sure that's not the case?
  • it's not as severe as I thought, but still looks like it became worse: if you select the entire citation, say (Vargas, 2015), and click it, then it behaves like the previous button. But if you just put the cursor somewhere in the citation, say, between the a and the r in Vargas, it will pop up an entirely new citation window and the citation you include ther, say, (Perón, 2014), will then appear on the text as (Va(Perón, 2014)rgas, 2015).
  • yeah, that's not intentional. I'll follow up on this, but may take a little.
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