Standalone Speed

Your standalone program is not speed. It takes a while for synchronization and looking other folders.
How can I speed up the Standalone?
It is slowly for my usage.
  • I have same problem.
  • Anyone won't help us? I have bought unlimited space but the speed of Standalone is not good. I think about my money that is waste of my money and time.
  • There isn't really a lot to say here, unfortunately. If there were magic ways to speed up standalone, they'd be implemented already.
    What's the total size of your library?
  • I have lots of file. I have bought unlimited space. So what is the meaning of unlimited space. It means too much file and size. Why people get unlimited file while it is too slow?

    I have my library: 400 item (2 GB)
    My Group 1: 2.500 item (15 GB)
    My Group 2: 4.000 item (37 GB)
    My Group 3: 300 item (500 MB)
    My Group 4: 1000 item (2.5 GB)
    My Group 5: 12.000 item (50 GB)
    Total: 20.200 files and 137 GB
  • And what is slow, exactly? Can you provide (separate) Debug IDs for specific operations that are slow?
  • unlimited storage space means that there is no limit to the total space attachments can take up on the Zotero server. This is very clearly marked as relating to _storage_ and nothing else.
    It has nothing to do with what Zotero can do locally and quickly, which has much more to do with the number of items that with the file size of attachments (and, of course, with the speed of your computer).

    20k items shouldn't be a huge problem, but note the link above -- what would be relevant are the total item counts, not just the number of attached files, which I'd assume is much higher. You can try setting indexing to 0 in the search tab, which may speed this up somewhat, but depending on the actual size of the library, still not as much as you want to.
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your interesting.
    My library generally show this message: Zotero (Not Responding)
    I check my computer performance.
    * Total using CPU is 3% and Zotore use just 0.1% of total CPU while Zotero does not responding.
    * Also my computer memory is 8 GB and Zotore use just 255 MB (&2) of total memory while Zotero does not responding.
    This result shows me the Standalone Speed problem is not related to my computer speed. It is related to your software.
    Normally, In software processes, if there the number of attached files and files are too much, the program must use more CPU and memory to go on the the processes.
    Now I am in very trouble. Because I must wait approx 5 minute to read or to find just one article.
    If I know the situation, I would not transfer all document into do Zotero and would not buy unlimited space.
    I need your help. Its very important for me.
  • We need Debug IDs, as I asked for above.
  • Thank you very much.
    I send report errors two times. But I do not know it access because Zotero Stand Alone is generally not responding.
    Is the error access?
  • debug id:
    not error report. And it should run during the time Zotero isn't responding to a simple action.

    (you also never responded to my question about total number of items below--did you count notes &attachments in your count of 20,000?)
  • (You also didn't actually provide any Report IDs either. You need to post the IDs here, not just submit them.)
  • My Debug ID is D531565042.
  • The Debug ID should be for a single action that's slow, which you should also describe.
  • edited November 28, 2015
    Dear All,
    I find that why is the problem occurs.
    Zotero was installed on normal hard disc before. As I looked the performance of the hard disc while the problem is occurring, it is used %100 of total process so it makes Zotero slower and not responding.
    Now I installed Zotero on my SSD drive and the problem has just fixed.
    I offer that use Zotero on SSD drive.
    Now it is so speed.
    I think Zotero also must offer this information to all client.
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