appaling disgrace

This programme is a disgrace, no support what a total joke avoid avoid
  • you've never tried to get support...
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    AdamSmith for the avoidance of doubt and clarity. I have for your information emailed with screen shots and haven't received any responses!!!! I take it YOU are an Employee?
  • I'm not sure who you have e-mailed, but there is no e-mail support for Zotero, nor does it say anywhere that there is. This is where to get support.
    If you would like help, describe your problem calmly. If you would like to add screenshots, you can upload them on a image hosting site (dropbox, imgur) and link to it from here.

    (FWIW, no, I'm not an employee -- a good number of the people supporting users here aren't)
  • @cjcaine107: posting flames and being rude isn't going to get you any support in a mainly volunteer-based software.
    Report your problem objectively and in detail. In my 5-year user experience, I mostly got good help, though my issues were minor.
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