Is the ACS translator being sent out in Updates?

I've tried out the ACS translator built by Santawort here: (It seems to work, although there is sometimes an unnerving delay in getting the PDF, although it does show up eventually and is attached and filed correctly).

I'd like to recommend Zotero to my entire department at work, and they'll all want the ACS format. But from what I can see, this translator isn't being pushed out yet. I installed mine through Scaffold, but I definitely don't want to try to tell a hundred people how to do that (!) If someone installs Zotero today, will they have the latest translator fixes, or not?
  • any news about the improved ACS translator?
  • For the benefit of anyone reading this in future, the new translator is now included in Zotero by default (at least since 2.0b5).
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