Add remark/footnote to bibliography


I am wondering how to achieve something like this in the Zotero wordprocessor plugin:

Some interesting research [1]. Some other stuff that requires a comment [2].

[1] A. K. Geim, Rev. Mod. Phys. 2011, 83, 851.
[2] Some handwritten comments by the authors.

Adding comments like this is a common practise in many journals, but somehow I have been unable to find a good way of doing this within Zotero. Which type of entry would I choose to add this to the bibliography?
If this question has already been answered elsewhere, please point me to it.

  • There's not a great way to do this (mainly because that journal practice is a really dumb/unsystematic idea mixing notes and bibliographies). Best you can do is to put the comment in a Standalone note and cite that.

    It will be truncated after something like 200 characters, so you'll have to fix it up in the end, but it will at least give you a reasonable placeholder.
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    Thank you adamsmith.

    For others trying to achieve the same thing: In order to add the standalone note to the bibliography via the Zotero wordprocessor plugins, change to "Classic view" by clicking on the "Z" icon in the Zotero (in the default view, I was not able to find it by entering search phrases contained in the note).

    Also, it seems that the note will appear in the bibliography only, if the title is part of the bibliography style (in my case it wasn't and the entry showed "n.d.", I guess for "not defined").

    Anyhow, while this practise of mixing notes and bibliographic references was probably not too bad before the internet age, I agree that it makes automated processing of bibliographies a bit harder (some notes even contain bibliographic references themselves). In the future, I'll think twice about whether I really need to make use of it.

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