Known translator issue - Scopus and ScienceDirect


I have been using Zotero for a few months and love it but have just started to have problems with Scopus and ScienceDirect. Other sites seem fine. I have followed the 'troubleshooting translator issues' guide and some other suggestions in the forums but no luck. All my add ons are disabled and everything is up-to-date. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Examples of URLs that give me trouble are:

  • (Please post problems with the Sync Preview to the Sync Preview category for now. Moving this there.)

    This is due to a bug in the Sync Preview that apparently isn't fixed in 3.6. We'll look into it, but, in the meantime, you may be able to fix these errors when they occur simply by restarting Firefox.
  • I'm not sure whether this is the appropriate thread ... but ...

    Attempt to grab a citation from a Scopus Preview link
    ( )

    fails with "Could not save item" -- I've submitted this as error number

    Ben Bolker
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