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I have two hundred and more folders in My Library. Sometimes, I use several folders often. But whenever I try to access them, I have to access each folder in browsing whole area. If I can make or register those folder as favorite folder, I can access them easily!
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    I just prefix some some folder names with a character (e.g. "_") to force these to the top of folder tree.

  • And also it is better to we can search "folder" also, not only files.
    That is because if we can find some files, sometimes we want to see whole files in the folder which includes those files. But we could not for now.
  • In the Advanced Search menu, you can search "Collection", which is what you're looking for
  • I'd like to bump this feature request. I would find it very helpful.

    And in response to dragonfly: some of my "favorite" folders are subcollections. I would prefer to have that subcollection stand alone in the "favorite collections" list and not with all the other subcollections under its parent collection.

  • And in response to dragonfly: some of my "favorite" folders are subcollections. I would prefer to have that subcollection stand alone in the "favorite collections" list and not with all the other subcollections under its parent collection.
    If you have a "favorite" can't you just add a tag to your favorite and search tags in root My Library?

    Also I use FloatNotes add-on as I discuss in another thread.
  • Aren't tags only for actual papers/items rather than entire collections/subcollections?

    I suppose I could add such a tag to all items in my favorite folders, but then I would manually have to introduce that tag to all new imports. This is cumbersome because the entire point of the favorites folder are that they are ones actively being used and expanded.

    Another way of looking at it is the 80-20 rule, where in this case 20% of the collections/subcollections receive 80% of the attention over any moderate time frame, and I think for many researchers it is even more extreme that only very few collections receive significant attention over all the rest over various time-spans.
  • To dragonfly,

    The purpose for folder system is to categorize our files so that we can find it easily.
    If you have over a thousand folder, however, it might be hard to find the folder you want to see though you modified its name by adding some prefix or suffix..

    To make a system "favorite file or folder" is easy way to resolve this problem.
  • To bwiernik,

    I mean, I want to find some folder itself, not some file under some folder.
  • Sorry for resuscitating a zombie thread, but this is such a great idea.

    I have hundreds of collections and sub-collections, and would love to have a Favourites meta-collection that always appears at the top of the hierarchy with favourite collections inside it.

    My collections and sub-collections are organised thematically, so I would use a feature like this to Favourite the sub-collections I am working with that week without having to rename each sub-collection just to move it to the top of the hierarchy. Each sub-collection would remain in its usual place in the library, but would also appear in the Favourites meta-collection so I wouldn't have to hunt for a sub-collection that I'm working with a lot.

  • I also would like to revive this ask for a Favorite Folder Panel.
    I have so many folders and subfolders and each time I am working more intensively on another subfolder. It is getting very complicated to name the desired active folder with a symbol (!@# etc.).
  • I also would like to ask for a Favorite Folder Panel.

    In the meantime I have so many folders and I work intensively in some of them, that having a dynamic favorite list at the beginning will ease the search for the specific folder close to a given paper submission deadline.
  • 7 years and still no progress in this front.
    I add my vote for this feature
  • I just signed up for zotero and would like to request this feature a well.

    We have a large organizational library and I can already see how it will be cumbersome to have to navigate the entire library when I will only use a few deep subfolders on a regular basis.
  • I am strongly seconding this idea with probably hundreds of other users. I hope what we want is clear: We do not want to move our sub-collections or group folders by renaming them because we want them where they are. What we need is a 'Favourites' collection to stay always on top and can contain any folder, be it from group libraries or a sub-collection. I know Zotero is super slow with processing new requests BUT PLEASE, ASAP!!
  • Would love to see this feature. I have many, many folders. But most of my day-to-day work takes place in only a couple of those.
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