Proof of concept: Scholarly Markdown

I've started dabbling in using Zotero with Scholarly Markdown, implemented as an Atom editor plugin ( Currently works like RTF scan (except you don't have to leave the editor, it changes your citations in-place), auto-complete is planned.
  • This is very exciting, thank you very much!

    I will follow your work as I am currently trying to move all my digital work―that includes academic writing―to Markdown and plain text files.


  • Plans have currently shifted a little -- autocomplete is already handled (better) by combining BBT auto-export with the existing BibTeX auto-completers for atom; the zotero-citations plugin instead has implemented the Zotero citation picker directly callable from Atom; the Zotero picker has autocomplete built-in.
  • Dear @emilianoeheyns,

    I cannot completely follow your comment.

    Could you outline a little bit more detailed how you advise users to set up Atom, Zotero and Markdown?


  • You can set up BBT to auto-export BibTeX (, and then use one of the BibTeX auto-completers such as ( to use the exported file. The result can be run through pandoc for conversion to a plethora of formats.

    If you don't actually want to use BibTeX and you want to do the whole inside Atom, you can use atom-zotero-citations ( combined with a running BBT to expand the citations and bibliography (Atom command "Zotero: scan") or to interactively select and insert references in the text (Atom command "Zotero: pick"). Doing the latter will pop up a new window (the Zotero citation picker) where you can select and format your references and atom-zotero-citations will insert them in markdown-format in your text.

    I don't have documentation for the picker as I didn't write it; it's Zotero's picker, I just pop it up and grab the results. But it's fairly intuitive to use.
  • @emilianoeheyns

    Thank you for your detailed comment!

    I will see how I can integrate all this into my ecosystem.

    ~ Robert
  • Hello,
    Are these processes intended to work with Zotero 5?
    I try to set up Atom, Zotero and Markdown.
    Thanks for your help,
  • They are intended to work but do not yet.
  • Thank you for your answer, I will set up something with pandoc then.
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