number of citations in word document

I am currently writing on a manuscript for a journal that only allows max 50 references. It would be nice with some statistics over number of citations in a given word-document. I am most interested in number of unique references but total references would also be great.

  • If you set up the doc with a bibliography, can't you just count the entries?
  • That's what I am doing but it would be more convenient with some statistics as with refman (maybe refman only gives total number I don't recall)
  • Maybe a Visual Basic script running in the word processor would be the way to go? Can't speak for them, but the developers might balk at the idea of adding non-essential complexity to the core of Zotero.
  • I can't help you counting unique citations, but if I had to keep track of total references, I'd insert the Bibliography, then, after a couple of references I'd select all the Bibliography and click "Numbering." That will give you a running count of items in your bibliography. When you are finished with the document, select the bib again and unclick "Number".
  • Or, following on arggem's idea, just use a "number" style while you're writing, and then switch to the style you need when you're done.
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