Style Request: Histoire - Université de Montréal

I'd like to implement my department's style in Zotero.
It looks a bit like Harvard Reference format 1 (Author-Date)
Here's what it looks like :
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

Book :

BILLOSKI, T.V. Introduction to Paleontology. (6e éd.). New York, Institutional Press, 1992. 212 pages.

Résumé: Introductory text book for college-level students exploring the latest scientific discoveries, disputed theories of dinosaur extinction, and newest excavation, dating, and DNA restructuring techniques.

Article :

MOREHOUSE, S.I. & R.S. TUNG. « Statistical evidence for early extinction of reptiles due to the K/T event ». Journal of Paleontology, 17(2), 1993, p. 198-209.

Résumé: Northeast Spain: The stratigraphic position of the last dinosaur remains, found in the chron 31N interval, leads scientists to examine the possibility of a causal link between the extinction of reptiles in the Cretaceous period and the K/T event.

Citation :

SCHWARTZ, M.T. & T.V. BILLOSKI. « Greenhouse hypothesis: effect on dinosaur extinction », dans B. T. Jones & N. V. Lovecraft (dir.), Extinction, New York, Barnes and Ellis, 1990. p. 175-189.

Résumé: A rapid build-up of CO2 in the atmosphere may have caused an increase in global temperature during the time of the dinosaurs. This global warming, known as the "greenhouse effect" possibly contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Author explores new evidence.

p>Also, when you have the same author subsenquently, it should appear like this :

Name, First name. « article », etc...

Id., « article », etc...

Help would be greatly appreciated by me and my fellow colleagues (I'm making a Master thesis in history).
  • You are probably more likely to get community help if you can point to specific issues. Start by documenting what the differences between your style and the existing Harvard style are. Then see if you can coax the existing style to look the way you want it. As you come across specific issues post them in this thread.
  • Okay, thanks for the tip.

    I used Smultron, an XML editor for MacOS to edit the code manually. Luckily, I have some experience in HTML witch was useful.

    So, I almost got it, except for one thing. The quotes.

    With this commands : <text variable="title" quotes="true"/>, I got English quotes (" ").
    Even if I put this on the first line of the code it doesn't work : class="note" xml:lang="fr"> (instead of "en").

    Do you know how I can get French quotes ? There like this : « ».

    I tried to create it, but even with this : text variable="title" quotes="false" and putting the French quotes manually, it doesn't work

    Also, how can I put the total number of pages and the end of the line for books ? I didn't find how to do that here :
    It's probably simple, but I just miss it.

    Thanks !
  • Bonjour,

    Il y a un forum pour discuter des styles en français:

    Cela vous sera peut-être utile.

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