Registering some favorite citiation styles in Standalone!

When people write articles, they usually use several footnotes styles in the same style such as "full note", "author-brief title", "author". But we can choose only one style. So we have to edit after citiation. So, it is better to allow us to register several styles like the followings:
Ctrl+1 = Chicago Manual of Style (full note);
Crtl+2 = Chicago Manual of Style (author-brief title);
Crtl+3 = Chicago Manual of Style (author);
Crtl+4 = Ibid.;
and so on.
  • Zotero automatically abbreviates subsequent citations and goes to ibid for Chicago full note.
  • In Standalone, could we use automatic abbreviation of Zotero?
  • As long as you use the Word or LibreOFfice addons, those will work just as well with Standalone.
    Otherwise, look at tools like RTF or ODF scans for fully functional citations.
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