email for group invitation not received

I invited yesterday a colleague to join our group and she did not received the mail. She already checked the spam filter and our mail systeme administrator said the mail is not visible anywhere.
I see the invitation as pending on the Zotero member administration page.

Curiously, I had already invited by mail about 30 colleagues and it has always worked before, same domain.
Following what I saw in the forum, I will try to cancel the first invitation and resend a new one, but I would like to know if Zotero people could trace the first e-mail sent yesterday and help me.

Thank you
  • Did the email end up going through? If not, send an email to with the email address in question and a link to this thread.
  • I'm having the same problem. Sent a group invitation to a Yahoo email account. It wasn't received. Tried yesterday and today.
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