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Not sure where to put this thread so I'm opening it here.

It'd be great if Zotero's Chrome extension could save articles from ResearchGate.

  • do you have a link where that doesn't work?
  • In my case it doesn't work with any article. Here's one:
  • hmm - maybe we're talking past each other, but that works for me. I get an article icon in the URL bar and the article saves to Zotero. Are you not getting a URL bar icon or are you getting an error when you click it?

    Either way, make sure you have the most recent version of Zotero (should be if you're on a Mac, otherwise).
  • I just updated Zotero to the latest version and I'm seeing the icon in the URL bar now, but it works a bit weird. I had to reload the tabs with ResearchGate articles, in some cases many times, until the icon appeared for all of them.

    I'm good for now in any case.

    Thanks Adam!
  • Upping this thread. Since RG updated their UI, it saving into Zotero doesn't work for me anymore: there's no special button for it, just the "save the webpage" ones. Am I the only one?
  • where are you looking (URL)? For me, e.g. on the above URL, this continues to work as it did before.
  • No article works for me, but I was looking at this one

    What's your zotero version, browser, and OS? Mine is 38.0.5/fedora 20.
  • works for me -- you're aware that the URL bar icon has moved in 4.0.27, right? Other sites are working for you?
  • Strange. Yes, I'm aware that it's a separate button. Yes, other sites like or work perfectly fine.

    Thanks for trying to help. I guess I'll just have to wait till something clicks in after a random update. I suspect my firefox may be a little too much out of date.
  • if you click on ctrl+U to show the page source, then ctrl+f to search the text and search for "Z3988" (without the quotation marks), do you find anything? Trying to see whether maybe you're getting a different page display than what I'm seeing.
  • The 38 series of Firefox ESR relseases should work fine, FWIW.
  • No, I don't find this ID.

    Here's the page code:

    I'm logged in RG, if that matters.
  • that was it -- the page view is completely different when you're logged in and rather oddly removes all metadata (the non-logged-in view has two different types of metadata Zotero can read).
    The best way forward would really be to try to get RG to change this. Since they have the data anyway, it's odd they don't keep it accessible.
  • Indeed: I can export an article in a private window! Thanks a lot for your help, Sebastian.

    I guess following up with RG falls in the hands of active Zotero developers like yourself...
  • @adamsmith, unfortunately it looks as if researchgate haven't seen your tweet.
  • true. Not much I can do about that, though. Anyone should feel free to pester RG about this specifically or Zotero compatibility more generally.
  • this still exists today - just wanted to save from researchgate - not done that in a long time.

    I "spammed" a bug report through the help section also linking to this discussion.

    Lets see if they change that.
    If not: anyone using researchgate with zotero should remind them that this bug is still not fixed.
  • Loads of articles doesnt work for me either. Found this old thread just now. Is there a solution for this.
  • This is still a problem with ResearchGate providing good citation metadata that Zotero can import when not logged in, but not when a user is logged in. There isn't anything that Zotero can do about it really. This needs to be fixed by ResearchGate (which considering they haven't fixed it in five years seems not to be a priority).
  • Unfortunately this is really an issue on the ResearchGate side. They do not properly and systematically provide metadata on their pages in one of the many recommended formats that Zotero supports. As long as they don't do that there is very little Zotero developers can do, and creating a so-called "translator" for their changing page layout is not a good use of community resources. Try asking ResearchGate.
  • Note that you can access PDFs in their original format without the ResearchGate header page junk by changing your referrer to instead of ResearchGate. In Firefox I can use the Referer Modifier add-on but it doesn't seem compatible with Zotero.
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