Which site translators would you like to see?

  • http://ec.europa.eu/transparency/regdoc/recherche.cfm?CL=en

    Most of the EU dokuments are not available in the usual catalogs. This would be a great help for promoting zotero for all pepole working with EU documents all over europe.
  • I know it was asked already for Espacenet
    http://ep.espacenet.com/, to my knowlede the most powerful free access patent database. But maybe I can influence priorities?
  • AquaBrowswer sites - several libraries now use this software for their catalogs - e.g. The University of Chicago Library - http://lens.lib.uchicago.edu/ and King County Library System (Seattle Area) - http://explorer.kcls.org/

    See a full list of customers and urls at: http://www.aquabrowser.com/customers/
  • As mentioned before: Ovid's WebSPIRS 5/Silverplatter
    would be extremely helpful.
  • The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press journals, including:
    Genome Research (http://genome.cshlp.org/)
    Genes and Development (http://genesdev.cshlp.org/)
    RNA (http://rnajournal.cshlp.org/)
    ...and others (they all seem to have the same interface)
  • The web based interface for SciFinder has been out for about a year now.

    (you'll need friendly librarian with an account to access it)

    A site-translator for publication search results would be really handy.

    Thanks! And keep up the good work!
  • Econlit for AEA members (powered by Vivisimo Velocity?)


  • Could we get a translator for Nature Proceedings? For example, this page:
  • Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
  • Aleph


    Two websites linked to different libraries situated in Belgium. Ok, that's a small country, but these databases are used by thousands of students and researchers!
  • REBIUN (Red de Bibliotecas Universitarias)

  • Please consider adding translator for the following Swiss journals:
    1. Le Temps
    2. Le courrier
    3. La tribune de Genève

  • MRS website


  • I'm going to start taking a look at the Lexis service, starting with US and Canadian Law Reviews Combined. I have some old parsing code in Python lying around that was able to reliably extract the essential metadata from those records. It shouldn't be too much work to refashion it in javascript ("ha-ha", he said -- Lexis pages are a structural disaster formatted in plain text, so we'll have to wait and see how things go ...).
  • Another vote for EEBO here. The University of Glasgow's library catalogue - http://www.lib.gla.ac.uk would also be amazing. Thanks!
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics journal, for example http://www.aanda.org/index.php?option=article&access=doi&doi=10.1051/0004-6361:200809534
  • ISI Web of Knowledge would be very useful

  • Another vote for Genome Research (http://genome.cshlp.org/). Thanks!
  • Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
  • Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy
  • TRIS from the National Transportation Library (USA)
    TRIS Online is a public-domain, web-based version of the Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) bibliographic database.

  • Com Abstracts and Open Journals Index from the Communication Institute for online Scholarship.

  • ISBNdb - looks like it could grow to be quite useful!

    From their website.
    ISBNdb.com project is a database of books providing on-line and remote research tools for individuals, book stores, librarians, scientists, etc. Taking data from hundreds of libraries across the world ISBNdb is a unique tool you won't find anywhere else
  • There's a new and promising site for aggregating information on articles in philosophy: http://philpapers.org/
    It would be great if Zotero could recognize these sources.
  • HAPI (Hispanic American Periodical Index)
  • It would be fantastic to have Zotero work with Helka, the library catalog of the University of Helsinki. From what I understand, it should be relatively easy to do too. There are many sites using the same backend that already work with Zotero.
  • Zotero doesn't seem to recognize any of the Wiley indexes, such as Wiley InterScience. Wiley is a part of the Blackwell-Synergy group, and many libraries use these indexes. It would be great if I could "grab" bibliographic info from them! Thanks, you guys are great.
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography would be really good:

  • @silence,

    This looks like a useful resource, and I really would like to help, but my own institution does not have a subscription and I can't cover the 200 quid charge for a year's access out of my personal funds. You'll have to find someone with access to get this done.
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