[MLZ] RTF/ODF Scan Playing Hide and Seek

When I click the cog in MLZ, the entry "RTF scan" sometimes appears in the pulldown. At other times, the entry "RTF/ODF Scan" appears. What's up? Thx, M
  • That shouldn't happen (of course). A couple of questions ...
    • Is this with MLZ, or with Juris-M?
    • Does the action performed by the menu item also change?
  • I believe that it is MLZ; the version info reads: version 4.0.26m512. I have always had MLZ and it has only been upgraded "automatically," i.e., whenever a new version has been pushed out.

    The action does change with each menu item. RTF acts like RTF only. RTF/ODF offers three conversion options.
  • The first thing to try would be a manual upgrade, installing the "Library Client" from https://juris-m.github.io

    Juris-M is the lineal descendent of MLZ, with the same features. The old code will probably not work well with the latest version of Firefox, and will almost certainly break with future FF releases.

    Due to some security-related changes that will soon be made in Firefox, the tool needed to be given a unique (machine-readable) ID under the hood. I took that as an opportunity to do project cleanup, and bring all of the tools to a single location on the Web. The name change is part of that reorganization.
  • Thanks! Disabling MLZ and all related plugins, followed by installation of Juris-M and its relatives did not cure the problem. Ripping out MLZ with all related plugins and reinstallation of the RTF/ODF plugin seems to have cured the ailment. Will inform if misbehavior resumes. Thx, M
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