'Save to Zotero' button of Firefox plug v.4.0.27 is larger than other buttons

The 'Save to Zotero' button of Firefox plug v.4.0.27 is larger than other buttons. Is there any way to make it as small as other buttons? Thank you.

P.S, I miss the old 'Save to Zotero' button embedded in Firefox address bar. Really don't think I need an individual button for this feature.
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    That shouldn't be the case. Report ID? Also, is this a high-res display?
    I miss the old 'Save to Zotero' button embedded in Firefox address bar. Really don't think I need an individual button for this feature.
    The function doesn't work the same way anymore, which is why it's now a dedicated button. You can switch to separate buttons and move the save button into the Firefox menu panel if you prefer. More details here.
  • I get the same, in what seems like a regression back to earlier problem in the beta: 110411106 (this is the current beta, but don't think that matters at this point).
    That's on a 1920x1080 laptop screen (Firefox 38.0.5 on W7 as you can see).
  • Here (http://d.pr/i/1glvP) is the screenshot of my Firefox buttons. You can see the 'save to' button is significantly larger than other ones.
  • Thanks. Also, what URL is that on? It's odd that the folder is gray instead of yellow.

    adamsmith, could I see a screenshot of yours as well? I can't reproduce this on Win7.
  • I'm also curious if you still get this with other non-default toolbar icons removed.
  • http://imgur.com/wPC1hdW,KKxHFtO

    Has 2 images, one with no translator detected (i.e. the webpage icon) and one from a NY Times article. Let me know if you'd need anything else.
  • Same with all non-default icons removed & after browser restart.
    FWIW, the blogPost icon on the Zotero blog post (generated by COinS) is normal--though maybe you just didn't switch out that icon yet.
  • Oh, and lastly, my folder icon, e.g. on JSTOR, is yellow (but also too large).
  • Hi Dan Stillman,

    the URL for the gray folder is the URL of this discussion (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/50321?page=1#Item_4).
  • I can reproduce the size issue. It's a HiDPI issue in Windows. Working on a fix.
  • Thanks. Looking forward to next fix.
  • OK, could you try the latest 4.0 Beta and see if that fixes it? If you would, also check that the outlines on hover are properly aligned and that things look OK in the overflow panel accessible via the » button (if you make Firefox narrow enough to bump the Zotero icons into that).
  • Hi Dan,

    The latest 4.0 Beta works! Please see the screenshot(http://d.pr/i/rDUy). Thanks a lot.
  • looking good here too. thanks.
  • Zhili: That doesn't actually look right at all. The hover borders are misaligned, and something appears to be going on with the left and right parts of the button. Could you show a few different states (hover, not hover, active)?
  • (I'm guessing those are Windows 8.1 issues, though, and I don't have a Windows 8.1 installation on hand at the moment.)
  • Hi Dan,

    at least the large icon problem is solved :)

    not hover:http://d.pr/i/3AUi
  • Hmm, OK, thanks. That's wrong, but it's not terrible, so I'll push the icon size fix for now until I can test on Win 8.1.
  • Hi Dan,

    Well done! Looking forward to next version.
  • is available now with this fix. Thanks for reporting.
  • Still having trouble in with the button that is markedly larger than any other button in FF 38.0.5. When I hover on it, it shrinks, but is still abnormally larger than any other.

    I normally use small buttons in FF, so is it possible that there is no Small Button in The big icon was an unexpected surprise...
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    I as well still encounter a problem with an icon too big. However I need to differentiate: While yesterday's fix seems to have worked regarding the icon's size, this is only true on the navigation bar, i.e. the place next to the URL bar. On any other toolbar, like the bookmark toolbar, I still have an enormously big icon, affecting the toolbar height (with standard 16px icons on it) in a negative way. I can confirm a shrinking combo button on mouse hover, the single button however doesn't shrink (both tested on the bookmark toolbar).

    Please have a look at my screenshot compilation (from top to bottom: 1. standard height bookmark toolbar without any icons, 2. with standard 16px icon, 3. with Zotero's single, and, 4. combo button):


    (Win XP SP3, Fx 38.0.5, Zotero, 1024x768 laptop screen)

    Thank you
  • Oh, we haven't tested the new icons in the bookmarks toolbar at all (just the regular toolbar, the overflow panel, the menu panel, and the Customize pane), so we'll need to fix that.

    francisjhpark: Do you also have your buttons in another toolbar?

    (To be clear for anyone who's not sure they're seeing the right thing, the icons should look like they do in the blog post.)
  • I appreciate your help. Thanks for the quick reply.
  • Dan, two different locations for the computer, both running on large screens (the first is 1920x1200, the second is 1920x1080, both under Win7). I'm running Win7 Pro x64, FF (32-bit) 38.0.5, and Zotero in both installations.

    As the picture will show, the button is on the navigation toolbar, the place where I've seen it posted in previous installations.

    Evidence: http://i.imgur.com/GTOsCd5.jpg
  • darkstar69: Sizing in non-nav-bar toolbars should be fixed in the latest 4.0 Beta, hopefully without breaking any other locations. Please try that and let me know how it looks for you.

    francisjhpark: Ah, so that's a non-standard Firefox theme, and also the old classic Windows theme. I can't guarantee that we'll be able to fix it for either of those cases, but you can try the latest beta as well, which might help.
  • Dan, it looks perfect now. Thanks for the quick action.
  • Dan, I tried just now and the Zotero and Save to Zotero buttons are still the same big size as mentioned, but the Zotero combo button is much closer to the original size, and while a little bigger than before, will do the trick.

    I'd forgotten I was using Classic Theme Restorer with a lightweight theme (ex-Persona), but I had a truly visceral reaction to Australis, so I've been using Classic Theme Restorer since. I don't use Aero at home, but I do at work, but I expect similar results at home when I get there. So, the Zotero combo button looks like it'll work for UI Luddites like me. Looking forward to seeing that in the next firm release, hopefully - thanks for the tip to use Beta for now.

    Under beta: http://imgur.com/pIIlW1s
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    Even with the beta it still is larger in the vertical toolbar addon.

    I'm on Linux btw using Firefox ESR 32.2.0
  • The current beta actually only includes the non-main toolbar fix for OS X and Windows. Still need to do the same for Linux. (I haven't tested a vertical toolbar on any platform, though.)
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