Error Report ID 882863387

Well, first a big thanks for this great piece of software. After years of Endnote limitations it's a great relief to see something.. different, better.

Today I got some strange behavior while adding tags, after entering a tag name and pressing enter, the input field remained white (active) after a new active (white) line appeared below. After clicking around in some other fields and columns it seemed resolved, but when adding tags to another reference, the problem occured again, now resulting in a real error message. What's wrong?
  • Cannot add invalid tag 10 in Zotero.Item.addTagByID()
    This was a bug in 3.5. I thought we had fixed it for 3.6, but it may still exist. We'll look into it, but, in the meantime, restarting Firefox when this occurs should generally fix the problem.
  • yes, that helped, thanks.
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