Turabian Translated and Edited.

According to the latest Turbian Standard "Translated" and "Edited" should be Capitalized. Also when the editor and translator are the same it should read: "Edited and translated" with only Edited capitalized. How would I go about fixing this in CSL. Right now I am more interested in the first condition as the second one is rare and does not affect me personally.

Please advise
  • Follow up ... Translated is capitalized in a Book but is not when you cite a section of a book.

    I imagine it would require adding to the label field: text-case="capitalize-first" but am note sure where...
  • have this bookmarked, but might take a little.
  • I have fixed some of the conditions by adding text-case="capitalize-first" to the label fields in the CSL. However, the only condition that doesn't capitalize is when I have a Translator and no Editor, the translator is not capitalized.

    St John of the Cross. “The Ascent of Mount Carmel.” In The Collected Works of Saint John of the Cross, translated by Kieran Kavanaugh and Otilio Rodriquez. Rev. ed. Washington, DC: ICS Publications, 1991.
  • is the above how you currently have it or how it should look? I.e. should that "Translated" by capped or no?
  • The above is how it generates but it should be capitalized. Below is a Bibliography entry that has Editor and Translator:

    Iserloh, Edwin, Joseph Glazik, and Hubert Jedin. History of the Church: Reformation and Counter Reformation. Edited by Hubert Jedin and John Patrick Dolan. Translated by Anselm Biggs and Peter W. Becker. Vol. V. X vols. New York: Crossroad, 1986.
  • OK, so that also has different punctuation. And we'd want to be sure that this doesn't differ between book chapters and books.
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